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Annoying creak

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I have one of the above in my 9000 and it is starting to drive me mad. I think it might possibly be the windscreen. Has anyone else experienced a creaking windscreen out of interest? I assume that the remedy is to claim for a new screen on your insurance?
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Have you got a srut brace? Does wonders for dash/window creaks...
Hi there,

Try to avoid having the windscreen replaced. These are glued in & mr muppet who arrives to replace your windscreen uses a craft knife to cut through the glue to get your old screen out.

Problem being that not only does he cut through the glue but the paint as well. Then what happens? You guessed right. the windscreen surround starts to rust & the pain bubbles & the whole thing looks a mess. Fixing is a awful job as this can only be achieved (properly) by havibg the replacement screen removed which is glued in & mr muppet ...

See where I'm going?

Additionally, & depending on the age of your car, the windscreen will be of a much poorer grade. Thinner & more ready to crack when the Autumn leaves hit the windscreen dead centre at 35mph.

You need to avoid this if you possibly can!!!

Here speaks a man with experience!!!

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my personal results don't bear this out. I've gone through 4 windshields on my 1992 9000CDT during 250k miles, my wifes 1987 900S with 345k miles has done at least six. Rocks, stones, and sand pitting have had their way with me. It's true that you can get an aftermarket or SAAB OEM replacement windscreen. I've had both and they seem abount equal.

of course, YMMV
Spray silicon lubricant (used to lubricate sunroofs) down the gap between the dash and the windscreen. Worked for me and just needs an annual top-up.
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