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AMP1 Install HELP!!!

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Hi there,
I'm pretty sure the AMP1 has gone on my recently bought beautiful 9-3 Aero sports saloon (2005). I've just bought a replacement second hand AMP1 (courtesy of this brilliant forum) and am in desperate need of an idiots guide to fitting it! I'm afraid I have absolutely no mechanical or technical expertise but I'm planning to have a crack at it this weekend. I don't want to take the passenger seat out so I would be eternally grateful if anyone could give me a rundown on 1) how to take the old one out and 2) how to fit the 'new' one. Also, how do I double check that the old AMP1 is definitely kaput and that is what's causing the lack of radio/CD, indicators, reverse alarm, door chime?
I know there have been a fair few posts on the forum about this topic but, as I say, I really would appreciate an Idiot's Guide if anyone can spare a few minutes...
Many thanks in advance!
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I don't want to take the passenger seat out
If you don't want to do this you will need to push the seat as far forward as possible and angle to front as far as possible.
From the rear you need a torx bit T15 or T20 if I remember rightly and one screw holds it in you will be doing this blind without removing the seat you will need the T bit and a ratchet driver to do it at that angle.
Should this prove impossible which to be honest I think it will a T50 is required to remove the 2 screws on the rear of the pass seat tilt forward and you should have enough room for access.
You may have enough slack on the connector to connect the new amp1 and test before removing to install properly.
Thanks for coming to the rescue again Deano.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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