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alloys versus steel

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hi, have been trying to pursuade the missus that I can afford a set of alloys for my 96 9k cs lpt, but she keeps winning on the cost for tyre replacement argument.

anybody got any good reasons for getting some alloys (quite like the look of the saab 3 spoke alloys - rather understated but sufficient). Or anybody want to help my missus and pursuade me that steel wheel are better (with 195/65H15 tyres).


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Well, firstly, there's no need for the tyre cost argument- with the exception of Aeros, Carlys and possibly some Anniversaries, nearly all the alloys fitted to 9000s were 15"...

16" wheels do give an improvement in handling and are very common these days so I doubt there's much of a cost difference in tyres.
Agreed - the standard tyre size for 15" alloys for the 9000 CS was also 195/65/15 with 205/60/15 as an option.
You could try telling her :-

1.That alloy wheels reduce the unsprung weight & that makes the car much,much more pleasant to drive, particularly for ladies.

2.You will see an improvement in fuel economy
( though you may need to look very closely)

3.It will make the car more distinctive and every time she drives it she'll feel, kind of special, which she is.

4.Come the sad day when you have to sell it you will more than get your money back( throw salt over left shoulder)

Or just do what I've done, which is buy the wheels. then try to think of a way of dropping it into the conversation .

Any suggestions?
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A good argument could be:

1. That the 16`wheels will give better traction = less tyreware = less frequent tyre replacement = less cost!!!!!!!

2. You are considering winter tyres (for improved saftey and less tyre ware in the wintertime), so you need the org. 15´ for the wintertyres.
If you get some new alloys, you will need to clean them constantly, unlike the steel rims which you can ignore for years at at time.
This will keep you gainfully employed and give you practice in cleaning and polishing which 'might' be transferrable to other areas of the home?????

And don't forget, she won't have the constant worry of wheeltrims falling off and needing replacement at vast expense.

She won't have to drive you home from the pub anymore, because if she did, she might kerb your smart new alloys?

GIVE UP ! there are no good reasons - just get them anyway, it'll look much better
Hang on a couple of months and give them to her as a Christmas present
My father gave my step-mother a concrete mixer as a Christmas present, so you should get away with some wheels, no problem

PS she didn't kill him!!
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