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All-new Saabscene stickers now available!

Beautifully sculpted from high-quality white vinyl that applies directly to the glass, the stickers have been designed to be clear, uncluttered and easy to read - thus enabling you to easily spot another Saabscene subscriber. The new Mk II Saabscene sticker has been skilfully and discreetly designed to complement your Saab's clean, stylish lines while having no detrimental effect on performance and fuel economy.

In short, the self-adhesive window sticker is the ultimate styling and performance accessory for your Saab.

1. You are invited make a contribution to Saabscene running costs here

2. Then send a private message to the Saabscene treasurer detailing the following information:
<ul type="square">
[*]Your Saabscene Board Name
[*]Your email address
[*]Your Real Name
[*]Your Real World postal Address
[*]How many Saabs you own
Shortly afterwards (elapsed time depending on where in the world you live) you should receive a few stickers in the post

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support for Saabscene both in their contributions to the board and by digging into their pockets to ensure the future success. It is much appreciated and it is YOU that makes the board such a friendly place for frank, free and fair discussion on all things Saab.

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