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I decided to fit my boost guage tonight by running the vac line through the rubber grommet underneath the drivers dash area where the main bulk of wires come through that connect up to the fuse board etc. However i was extremely heavy handed when cutting a hole to push the pipe through and sliced through several wires. As a result the car didnt start and i have had to cut and splice the wires back together correctly. The car now runs fine again, but it is throwing up a fault code of P1656 - AC Relay open circuit or short to ground and the aircon no longer works.

Ive checked the fuse in the car and swapped the relays round underneath the bonnet to eliminate that, but i still cant get the aircon to work. Does anyone know what other checks i need to make to eliminate any other parts etc?

Does anyone also know what colour wire the aircon would be in the bundle of wires that come through under the dash?

Any ideas or help would be extremely appreciated

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