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Hi Folks,
Haven't been on this site for quite a while, but need help urgently.
I am about to part with money in the purchase of a 1997 ( ? ) 2.0LPT CSE.
The car seems clean, is coming from a trusted source & I have seen the Log Book which quotes first reg of Jan 1997.
Trouble is, the car does not have a passenger air bag & from recollection may not have a drivers one either. To my mind that puts it very pre 1997....
There has been a bereavment in the vendors family and I am very reluctant to quiz him on the matter.
Any thoughts on a possible explanation ?
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Driver's airbag is standard from 1994-on. Passenger airbag was optional though.
try BillJ's for more info. Use the VIN checker - this might help you
I own a 97 2.0 LPT Anniversary. It has both driver and passenger airbags. Don't know if either could be made optional. But I recall reading from somewhere that Saab removed the glove compartment to put in passenger airbags and put in space between the two front seats and a pouch pocket below the front seats to make up.

Might be a good idea to check from some source which lists exact specs of particular models.
Extract from model history page at

'Model Year 1994

Improvements for 1994 included tinted, heat absorbing glass. Electrically operated mirrors and windows and a driver's airbag became standard on all models. The Passenger airbag was optional. '
Is it just me or does a car missing its airbags scream "i've been crashed and been repaired on the cheap"...

I am probably wrong but if someone wanted to repair a car after both airbags being deployed its easiest to rebuild without the airbags to worry about. Any other ways of telling?
I agree Dave_NI.

When I go to buy a car and particularly a Saab, if I found it didn't have airbags, I would walk away no matter how cheap I get it (even if they had gone off accidentally).
One of the big positives of a Saab is the safety aspect and without an airbag safety is greatly compromised.

PaulD, I would walk away. I bought mine only a few months back and I can tell you that there are plenty of nicely priced 9Ks available in the market. A little looking around and you can get many very good deals. You might want to reconsider this particular one.
Forgive me for being flippant, but I wonder if the
possible deployment of the airbags and the bereavement are somehow related ??
And if u can get it m8 got for the 2.3 model or even an Aero.
The car seems clean, is coming from a trusted source[/b]
Obviously not from Agnews then
If the bags have been deployed and not replaced, this will give you insurance problems as it was 'rated' with those safety items in place.

Thanks for all the feeback folks, but it seems my paranoia was taking over. There was indeed a drivers airbag fitted complete with SRS check function etc. This must have been a car sold without the optional passenger airbag. I must say that the standard 9K glove box offers useful storage even if its not much of a safety feature for an unrestrained front seat passenger. Anyway I've parted with the dosh and am looking forward to endless hours of informed correspondence & wit on this forum.
Great stuff, Paul.
Personally, I prefer the glove compartment to the passenger airbag. For such a huge car, the 9000 has disappointingly little storage space even with the glove compartment. I seldom carry passengers and when I do, they always wear seatbelts. I think the benefit of the airbag is vastly overplayed, but that's my personal opinion.

My 2.0LPT is great fun to drive (and I have a highly-modified Aero to compare it with).
Enjoy your new purchase
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My 93 only has the driver airbag thank god.

All passengers wear seatbelts in my car or else it doesn't go!, same for NO eating and NO smoking...

The glove box is always full!, as is the centre box and front door bins.

I also have a large crate tied down in the boot.

Originally posted by BillJ:
[qb]For such a huge car, the 9000 has disappointingly little storage space even with the glove compartment. [/qb][/b]
You won't want a 9-5 then!!
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Originally posted by Green Saab:
[qb] QUOTE
The car seems clean, is coming from a trusted source[/b]
Obviously not from Agnews then [/qb][/b][/quote] LMAO

Glad to see you have bought the car. People have been saying thye prefer the clove box to the passenger airbag... tbh I think its a god send. Its the only thing that makes my girlfriend think shes safe when I am driving!

Shame the SRS light is on... shhh dont tell her lol.
Congrats on your purchase Paul.

Here's wishing lots of
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