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Afternoon everyone.

Picked the Red Dragon up from my indie garage yesterday [service, MOT]
, minus the air con compressor [Sanden SD-709] as the old one was u/s and the replacement I'd got from Simply SAAB appears to have a buckled front pulley so it's got to be replaced .

Question: any experience out there of replacing this model of air con compressor with one from a later model year? I keep being told that this Sanden was only used for MY92 and consequently is in short supply [in the UK before our US colleagues start responding - I've seen lots from US suppliers!!] so why not replace it with a later model which should be [theoretically] easier to source?

Apparently [and I have no reason to disbelieve my indie] the AC condensor has a small hole through which the gas [R12] and lubricant has escaped over time leading to the compressor failure. So, not only do I need a new compressor, I need a new condensor as well, and the pipes that go to / from it as they invariably get damaged when the consdesor is being removed.

Ho hum, more expense. Still, I wouldn't be without the
although I'm considering letting the CDE go and replacing with a later model Aero or Anni CSE.

Any advice / comments / feedback gratefully recieved!
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