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OK, the situation is this.

I have all of a Carlsson bodykit, bar the front bumper which has gone to fix a crash damaged Carlsson (quite right too). I've pretty much decided that I now want to fit the kit to my car as originally intended. So do I fit it with the original front bumper in place? Somehow I can't see this looking too hot, even if I colour code the regular bumper. Despite the obvious ugliness of the grey plastic bumpers (the only part of the car I really don't like) the original bumper is rippled and somewhat scuffed. Sadly the poor car has had 2 front end prangs in it's existence, my Goodwood effort and I before that the car had a slightly slanting bonnet and loose grille suggesting previous crash damage.

Now are you sitting in a secure chair........?

Well ........

I'm thinking of going for an aftermarket front bumper. Now stop laughing please, because I don't want a snow plough, just something thats in a similar vein (if not a clone) of the original Carlsson bumper.

Your suggestions pleeeeze.
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