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It turns out that these photos of the Aero-X copy at the SOC might be highly prized and valuable in the future as photos of the model are apparently a no-no.

The model is currently at Sewell Saab in Dallas, where they’re having a big soirée for the launch of the 2008 Saab 9-3. I’ve posted about this function previously, and having seen that, an unnamed local thought he’d drop in and take a look.

Brandishing his camera, our Saab enthusiast visitor was asked to refrain from photographing the car as they don’t want high quality images of the model being circulated via the internet. Crappy cameraphone pics are apparently OK.

Look, Saab people…..

What you’ve got is a model of the Aero-X. It’s not the real thing and people know that. It’s made of wood and plastic. We understand that. It’s meant to be a prop and show the outer design only. We get it.

Why the ban?

Haven’t you heard the stories about prohibition from the early 20th century?

Let people get excited about it and photograph it, for goodness sakes! So one or two people might see a image and not realise it’s a model only. Big deal. It’ll create a lot more curiosity by being seen than it will animosity for being a model only.


UPDATE - a bunch of pics are on their way. As Saab are fond of saying - stay tuned!

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