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I was up at the Saab Museum filming some stuff today, and was fortunate enough to be present when the Aero-X arrived.

I'll let the film speak for itself, but I should say before it starts that:

a) the engine comments were tongue-in-cheek but don't really come out that way when you hear them, and

b) when doing something like this you should always leave the camera running. I shut it off because all it was filming were a bunch of butts, and you'll understand what I missed...

The note on the seat of the Aero-X said something like "Don't Drive. Leaking Radiator and broken (left) ball joint" or something similar. I think it ended up being much more serious than that.

Here's a photo of the Aero-X as it was sitting in the museum foyer this afternoon.


I'm pretty sure they planned for it to be in the museum itself with the rest of the vehicles. If it's moved from this spot prior to the festival beginning then you can rest assured that there's some people in Trollhattan who probably had quite a long night.
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