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Yesterday I reported on the fact that the Aero-X got a little crippled whilst being wheeled into the Saab museum. As of midnight last night when I did a drive-by with a few others it was still in the same state, with the front left side collapsed and the wheel arch sitting right on the front tyre.

I went back up to the Saab museum today and am pleased to report that all is right again with the world and the car looks as good as new.



Whilst at the museum, I was hoping to get some time with Peter Backstrom, the curator there. What I was really hoping for was a chance to film inside UrSaab. Alas, Peter's also the organiser of the entire Saab Festival, so when I saw him walking across the museum today and called out to him he gave me an "I'm busy" without even breaking stride.

And indeed he is. The whole kerfuffle with the Aero-X yesterday probably put him behind by no small amount of time. Cars from the museum were all dis-arranged and even just today some had been swapped out for others in the display area.

If the display as I saw today is what everyone will see over the next few days then there's going to be some very disappointed 9000 owners. The only 9000 in there is a cutaway showing off the safety features.

Hopefully that'll change by tomorrow.
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