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Well, having run it for several months for no money, the aero needs work at last - or rather, the little things I've been putting off have accumilated to the point where I need to pay attention. So it's going in next week for:
water pump
head gasket (and related attention to timing cover leak)
exhaust manifold gasket (and get the broken stud out)
look at the timing and balancer chains, and think about sorting them while we're in there
take off the inlet heater plate
make and fit a replacement straight through pipe for the centre box (see if the exhaust can be made a bit fruitier without scaring children)
check and replace engine / gearbox mouts as required
swallow hard

So I've posted a couple of pics in the forecourt to cheer myself up - have a look and imagine me with a great big smile and an empty wallet.
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