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I'm not a big fan of cam sprockets though. Idealy the camshafts should just be done the right way in the first place. On a chain driven cam setup adjustment is a PITA as well. So they really should only be used when absolutely necessary.

However in your case I think you mentioned in another thread that you were simply trying to eliminiate all possible evils. So they may be necessary!

The stock valve timing on most Saabs is actually pretty nice as well. Good factory camshafts!

If you want to try tinkering here are some thoughts ...

Later exhaust valve timing typically helps spool up a bit, but increases valve overlap too much for power.

Later intake valve timing (with stock exhaust valve timing) reduces valve overlap for high boost cars, and moves the powerband further up into the rev range. Porting also moves it up in the rev range though, and you don't want to move it past your rev limit!

You might find it interesting to get some engine simulation software and play around with it. Lots of fun!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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