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Re: '98 CSE Anniversary
Regular members will recollect I posted a thread approx 3 months ago, on the subject that the rear door fan motors were stuck 'ON' irrespective of ACC panel control settings.

Having determined that these are driven directly from ACC panel (which auto powers off 5 minutes after ignition turns off - hence explaining why rear door fans also stayed on for 5 minutes after ignition turned off in fault mode!), without any relay in between, folks may be interested in the following recent update:

Removed ACC unit (dead easy - just pops out! Removed adjacent spare switch cover and light presure with finger did the trick). ACC unit unscrews into two halves. Front half is sealed unit - so didn't open this. Rear half has PCB exposed, and only one relay sitting on it.

The part is defined as follows:
RLY1 = CS10MN-K, 10VDC, 9709812, made in Japan by TAKAMISAWA.

If anyone knows whether this relay is the one which controls the rear door fans - or could hazzard a guess that it actually drives something else, I would appreciate any suggestions????

If I can be reasonable sure it drives the rear door fans I'd make the effort to replace it.

However, I checked out the PCB and all looked well, except for some solder connections which looked like they may have been bridged with solder splatter. The PC was very well made and I'm pretty sure it was only flux, and not solder, but I cleaned between the suspect connections just to make sure. Anyway, reconected unit, and no change. Rear door fans still came on for duration ignition turned on, and up until 5 minutes after ignition off.

BUT, 2 days later, rear door fans decided to remain OFF! And now they stay off in all ACC mode settings!! Strange, but I can't imagine how removing unit could have affected this change.

Still, I'd rather fans remained OFF than ON!

If anyone else has ever come across a similar problem, or can comment on the possible function of RL1 as defined above, I'd be interested to know.
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