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Hi, folks.
Saab 9000 MY 1997 air con not functioning. ACC system, Sanden compressor. Clutch appears to be working OK.
Symptom: over pressure in the system.
Reading a thread somewhere, over pressure can cause the system to non-function.
There is, apparently a "triswitch". Don't know what that is/where it is or if it is in clutch circuit.
Also there is apparently, a pressure regulating valve. Question is, which valve, and where is it ?
Candidates: Valve on side of compressor 4635546
Valve on side of compressor 4635561
Valve on top of compressor 4758090 any of these part numbers might be superceded.
or any other candidates I haven't considered.
Does anyone have an idea where to proceed ? Local vehicle aircon specialists baffled.
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