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Yesterday my missus informed me that our 9-3 1.9Tid had flashed up multiple warnings when driving along. She said abs, traction control and other stuff and now the fuel guage has lit up.

My first thought was battery or alt to be more precise as she was driving when they first appeared but the alt is only 1 year old as is the battery. So I metered the battery @12.55V before starting and @14.3V running. So they were ok. Thats when the missus told me she was joking about the fuel guage and light as she new she was almost out of diesel :rolleyes:

OK so now only ABS related faults, so I logged on here and read a few threads. I found a couple mentioning broken rear sensor wiring and thought that could be promising.

Went out to the car and put on axle stand on drivers side and removed the wheel as this is the side with the rear ABS sensors connection box at the front edge of the wheel arch. Next popped off the ABS sensor connector at the hub taking great care not to break the little blue tab that needs sliding out to release the connector lock tab. Did continuity check on both wires and it checked out.
Popped off the n/s plug and checked the continuity on that one and found (as others have) that the brown was open.

Next unclipped the loom from the hub back along the chassis and cut the cable tie connector at the hub. Stripped the wire out of the plastic sheath and found aound where the cable tie clip was, there was damage to the brown wire and as i examined it, it came apart.

I used a crimp connector to join it back up having cut off a few millimeters to get back to clean wire and then redid the continuity check back to the connector on the other side. It was all good. Wrapped in tape to weather proof then stuffed it back in the sheath and refitted the loom into the clips.

Now the cable tie clip is reusable. Just pull out the remains of the old tie and slide in a new one. I did this but not too tight to cause chafing on the wires inside.

All put back together and on the deck, I turned on the ignition and all checked ok. The warnings had gone and no need to clear with Tech II

So once again this forum has saved me having to pay for diagnostics, have some mechanic tell me i need a new hub as the sensor is integral etc etc tho my saab guy is Malcolm Miles Saab indy and they would prob have known about this seemingly common problem and suggested the investigation that i did.

Thank you all that post up how you fix problems........

Always POST UP THE SOLUTION if you find one in answer to your threads

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Hello kwob . I'm pleased that this forum helped you solve the mistery of you traction light fault , this is what forums are all about , to help others in there time of need .
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