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ABS Pump

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Can antone tell me if all 9000's use the same abs pump. the car in question is a 1991 2.3 turbo.
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hello heyes, if your car has TCS then it looks like the same pump was used up to 95, if not their are some variances, why do you ask ?

My wife's car which I have spent fortunes on has a leak from said pump. The car is a 9000s 2.3 turbo 1991 with tcs which has been upgraded as well as the gearbox etc
Heyes , there is a saab/volvo breakers over at Denny called Headswood Garage, Whitehill Farm
Denny, 01324841636, who might have one to swap out for the leaking one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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