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Hi all

I noticed that Abbott Racing seem to only do the one ecu power upgrade, which gives similar power output like a stage 1 on other firms upgrade packages.
The only other way they use seems to be all the add-ons to make up extra power?

Is this so?, or do they offer bigger power increases?
and also what is their highest output options?

*note that this is purely for personal research, for future upgrades for my car.

my cars a '93 cs Aero

Thanks to all in advance


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To the best of my knowledge they only supply the one option. The best way to confirm this is to contact them direct. Giles is very friendly and will be happy to answer your query.

Before you decide on an upgrade, make sure you compare prices as there are large variances between suppliers.

I had Abbott do a lot of work on my 97 Aero and I've been delighted with the result. The car keeps the basic characteristics of a standard Aero, and I'm sure if I got the car dyno'd the power and torque curves would be similar in shape to a standard car, just a bit higher.

I've driven BillJ's car which is almost completely different from a standard car (though he has sports clutch, LSD and Konis on the firmest setting). It all really depends on what you want from your car.
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