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A load of hot air (from the vents)

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Brrr... it's cold out this evening so the heating's been on. In doing this I've discovered that the outer face vents blow hot air when it's manually directed to my feet only and the air from footwell outlet seems a bit weedy unless whacked up to max.

Is this normal? If not, any idea what's wrong?

2006 9-3 Aero with facelift interior.
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not sure never really noticed tbh but if you have on manual would expect you get fair whack at footwell, could have problem with blend motor.............what happens if you close face vents
what happens if you close face vents
Face vents dont blow hard but closing them has no effect. Airflow is much greater when directed towards the screen and what I'd expect given the noise from the fan. Towards the feet its all mouth, no trousers as we'd say when I was a kid :D

And, nope there's no clicking or other untoward noises when moving from one position to another.
is it the same if you turn blowers up full as your in manual mode ?
It's the same at any setting. Screen airflow seems commensurate with the fan noise. Footwell just lacks puff. It does get slightly stronger as you turn the fan up but it's not going to blow your socks off :D
could do with someone else advice here as regards to a blend motor problem, although you wont get the same force as you would from vents/defrost ........will give mine a try tomorrow
check blend motors flaps and the ducts for seal bit of a faf tbh but if it needs doing
Maybe my expectations are a bit high but I'll take a look if I get the time. Meanwhile I've ordered thicker socks :)

Thanks :thumbsup:
check blend motors flaps and the ducts for seal bit of a faf tbh but if it needs doing
well that confirms my thoughts lol

not long got in so will check mine the meantime agree thick socks :D
one thought you are letting the car get up to temperature arent you, if your just setting the car to a temperature then the engine needs to get up to temp before it can blast hot air from any vent, its as if it knows what temp it can output and steps up / down the speed to match its output, so if the engine is cold it wont do much (unless you tell it max then it will just blast what ever it can whether its up to temp or not)
Fair point but I'm talking about the volume of air not the temperature.
it will be slow if on auto and set to warm until engine is warm but you have on manual so should over ride
it was just a thought i dont remember having a particular feeling of a strong footwell fan in my cars etc so just bare in mind you may be chasing a problem that by design than an actual problem, good hunting though, without seeing your car and comparing it to a known good one it is hard to tell on these situations

that might be an idea to check it with another saab lol
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