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Since Beren mentioned a question about how he should best go about keeping his Jet Black Metallic Saab Turbo X looking good I thought it might be a good time to link up a couple of previous posts on the matter for people to review. Some of you may not have been around when these were originally posted.

Jan 2006 - Caring for your paintwork

This was a post full of notes written by local Tasmanian paint pedant and Saabnut, Drew B, who has a fleet of magnificent Saabs and a very fussy eye.

Beren mentioned putting his polisher away and I know that Drew would say that unless it’s a trade quality machine, it should definitely be kept away from your Saab. You can buy buffing machines pretty cheap nowadays but many of them spin too fast and can actually ‘burn’ the clearcoat on your car. Either get a proper professional grade buffer or do it by hand.

May 2007 - Springtime Car Clean Regime

This was Tim S’s program for keeping his black Viggen clean enough to eat off. This is one incredibly tidy car and one look at the photo at that link will tell you that Tim doesn’t cut corners.

Both articles come highly recommended



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