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I've an '06 9-3 TiD 1.9 (150 bhp). Cleaned the EGR, and also the MAP sensor (toothbrush + carb cleaner). EGR seems fine - starting OK, and engine warning light went out. The car runs mostly OK, but now have a slight judder or pulsing, when the engine is under load - e.g. slight hill, or accelerating out of a roundabout. Seems to start after 3 or 4 seconds, and lasts until the car reaches a steady speed. Engine speed doesn't seem to matter too much - starts at around 1500 rpm, but also evident at higher revs (2 - 2500 rpm). Rev count seems stable (i.e. not climbing/falling with the judder). Hoofing it seems to stop it happening (not really a solution...).

Long motorway run today, but still the same (hoping it was still settling down/burning-out crud after the EGR), but still the same.

Wondering if I've damaged the MAP sensor when cleaning it - it was solid with carbon - like a small piece of coal. Can anyone advise if this would give the symptoms I'm seeing? Any other suggestions welcomed...

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