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Hi all,

My 07 93 Tid has about 180kmiles on the clock. It has been using a bit of the oil the past year and I suspected the turbo for some time, oil around the intake pipes and pipes out of the turbo.
It got progressively worse so I changed out the core of the turbo for a new powertec part. back together and all fine. It is is only in 2 weeks at this stage and the car is back to using as much oil as before it was changed and as smokey again.
Oil in the turbo pipes and intake manifold pipes as before.
Did i get a dodgy part?
Is there something else i should be doing before I put another turbo in?


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Hello 93ed if you have a slight misting of oil in the intake pipes then that is quite normal
but if you have a slick resembling the Amoco Kadiz then there is a sure sign of failure , sometimes replacing the core is not the option to take and rather replace the whole turbo .
when I did mine I think mine cost me £195.00 from London turbos .
Bit of a faff replacing it but within the realms of a gas engineer . but with all the signs you have , it sounds like it is that unit .
Was everthing ok for a while after replacing it ?
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