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Just a quick reply, I'm sure others can add to this. We must get round to helping John write the buyers guide for TSP. Also worth checking previous TOPICS on this BB.

1) Turbo - should see no blue smoke behind you when you boot it, no rumbling/knocking noises.
2) Gearbox - make sure shift change is smooth and all gears are selected
3) Direct Ignition unit - if its on its way out there may be a miss fire under load at mid to high rpm
4) Idle speed should not vary much - if it does could need a simple throttle body clean or more expensive AIC
5) Check all electrical goodies and switches plus there lighting bulbs - its a soldering iron job to replace bulbs in switches!
6) Oil/water mixing - head gaskets do go
7) Timing chain/balance shaft rattles - see if they have already been replaced (chains, tensioners guides that is) - expensive if a dealer does it.
8) Usual body damage/crashed/ringed checks
9) Suspension is pretty bullet proof

Thats all I can think of at the moment.

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Other things to check:

1. Do you get full boost or just half boost?

2. Does the cooling fan work and the post switch off fan circuit work? If it has got 2 fans pull the fuse on the slow fan and check the fast fan runs when it is hot.

3. Service history of the Autobox, you should reasonably expect a major overhaul by this mileage.

4. Does the Cruise Control work correctly?

5. Does the ACC work correctly. Has it been charged with gas (R134a) and checked free from leaks.

6. Stone damage, general wear on headlamp glasses.

7. State of the leather seats if fitted.

'92 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo Auto lpg
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