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9000 cse lpt 2.3 aut on 97 need some info please

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I have found a 9000 cse lpt 2.3 aut 110,000 miles. It has not turbo boost on the dash instruments - so not a full blown turbo.
But when i enter the registartion on direct lines website they list as a 2.3 turbo not a 9000 cse ecopower and there is a price difference. Is my 9000 an LPT ?
I havent viewed the car physically and will be travelling down to next week to purchase the car. I,m trying to get the insurance setup before hand.
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Originally posted by Saab Qualified:
[qb] Is my 9000 an LPT ?
I'd guess so. The registration database has errors (for instance, it thinks mine's a manual, and it most certainly isn't ).
thanks for that.
what if it has a2.3 turbo badge on the boot ?
My 2.0Eco had 2.0t on the tail so 2.3t and no boost gauge would suggest its a 2.3Eco.

Thats what i Stephen think but i want to get it right with the insurance in trhe event i have to make a claim
Most likely it is a lpt.

Re insurance, just tell them it's a lpt ecopower 2.3 and that should be OK.

2.3 lpt is in Insurance Group 15. Sounds scary but mostly depends on your age and postcode.

e.g here in Suffolk premiums are low and I've just got a quote for £249 fully comp. with protected NCB. is one of best sites for insurance IMHO.
I'm trying to remember what my insurance had my 2.0eco down as... I do know that Tesco cannot cope with metallic amethyst as a colour.. as far as they were concerned it was Purple
well guys it does seem to be a lpt i rechecked no turbo boost guage but it does have 2.3 turbo on the boot.
Ill try confused amethyst at the mo age 32 sp30 3 points tpft 2 years no claims from admiral £354
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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