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ok, so it's time to replace the Clutch, Tranny Mount, Engine Mounts (both) front bushings, and update the air box. The i repair the floor where my e-brake handle should be followed by a nice new O-ring for the distributor. Here is Day one's Progress of DeLorean (as seen on saabcentral) Digging into my 87 9KT He's working the main job...i am assisting as much as i can and dealing with the top half of the bay. See a few pics below!
ENJOY! I am also going to get a stock air-box from a newer 9K to put in rather the junk this one came with.
<--The Work Zone
<--DeLorean Showing off his strength from all the pull-a-thons we goto
<--Look Ma! No Air Box
<-- DeLorean's Custom Engine Lift
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