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About 18 months ago I sold my Carllson and purchased a low mileage 9-3 TiD, mainly to save money on fuel bills as the trip to work was 50 miles a day.
Sods law - 6 weeks after buying the 9-3 the company I worked for went bust.
I am now self-employed and work from home.
I like the 9-3 SE spec's comforts and goodies, but I am not a big fan of the diesel engine that Saab used, plus I don't really do the mileage to gain the benefits.
So I have a dilemma, to sell the 9-3 and return back to 9000 Anniversary or Aero. (I have seen a nice car for sale). Or stick with what I have.
My 9-3 has Saab 17 inch wheels, Koni Sports suspension, Abbott back box.
From a looks point of view the 9-3 looks a more modern car, (my partner thinks the 9000 looks like an old mans car - well I am 41).
From a driving and space view - I think the 9000 Anniversary or Aero would be better.
Views please.
Also looking at the photo gallery - I noticed an Aero with newer Saab 5 stud wheels fitted.
What sort of job is it to fit 5 studs hubs to be able to fit newer wheels?
Cheers all

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If you want performance, go for the Aero.
Remember, Anniversaries come in 2Lt ECO and 2.3L FPT. If you go for a 2L Eco, you might get a car which has been driven less hard - but that could be hard to tell!

I have a 2L Anniversary. Apart from holding value slightly better than a non-Anniversary, and nice Aero body styling, I don't think the other 'Anniversary extra's are anything special to shout home about.

It's a great car though. If price isn't a factor, I'd go for the Aero and associated performance.

At 41, you definately fit the 'old man' Saab image! I will properly qualify (at 40), later this year!

Mind you.. in my 7 years experience of owning Saabs, the old man image certainly seems to help protect the car from young car thieves and joy riders!

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