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Hi there,
Has anyone enlarged cylinder capacity on a manual 9000 aero, say to 2.5l? If so, how have you got on?
Also can you nitrous these glorious beasts? has anyone tried and been succesful?
Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated

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When I rebuilt the engine @200000 miles I certainly considered it ..
When they got it apart the pistons/bore were fine !
You can go larger but you will have to change away from the oem pistons
One of the concerns was that to change to a forged piston such as a cosworth then the clearances have to be a bit larger to cope with the expansion
this means you tend to wear quicker and use oil

My car is a daily driver so I need it to be reliable and to go for a re-bore every 50 k was not appealing

I had the con rods shot peened and the bottom end match weighted and dynamicaly balanced

I spent the money on porting the head and fitting larger exhaust valves which I figured would allow better breathing and release more horsepower

bigger pistons would mean different flow through the engine and I was worried that this might cause problems with the ECU upgrade as well (the valves caused a lot anyway !!)

Maptun have tuned cars with the std set up to over 450 hp so I saw no need

the theoretical advantage of more cc's is torque and this saab engine has enough anyway.

If you do do it tell us how you get on !

good luck
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