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9000 Aero on Ebay

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Well, looks amazin, delivery miles only

So form an orderly queue and no fighting!
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Keep well away some idiot has but the steering wheel on upside down!!!
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It does seem very cheap, though the reserve's probably ridiculous...
How much would you say that was worth? £3.5k, £4k, £5k....more?
Makes this one at £8k and 41k miles seem like a bargain!
Mine is an identical silver Aero 1996 on a P plate with 90k miles... I'll be watching this one carefully! Or maybe I shouldn't look at all.
Mind you , I do have grey side repeaters. Reckon 4.5k-5k is about right for a manual if its really nice.
Or this 111,000 mile N reg for £2500

I've already bid more than that for the Aero on Ebay! Didn't realise Aero's were that cheap. Aero's now seem on a par with 2.3 Carly's in price.
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Originally posted by Kev Mc:
[qb]This N reg with 76000 miles is £8500  

But this is somewhat of a rarity in that it's for sale at a Saab dealer, hence the price. Saab dealers usually arn't interested in putting anything on the forecourt much older than 3-4 years...??
Oh and that suspension clearly isn't standard
In my search for an Aero : either they are "overpriced" but very nice and well into the 7k mark (and arguably worth paying?)
Or they are very cheap and go in about 30 seconds and are 300 miles from your house/are actually tatty when you get there.
As soon as you say things like 'I only want a manual with less than 100k miles' you are very quickly down to 1 or 2 cars per month, as I did.
And of course there is the odd exception...
I'll be moving this to the General Saab forum as this really doesn't seem like a performance topic.
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