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Hi All

Tearing my hair out with my 2007 9-3 Sportwagon with the 1.9 Tid. It's had a lot of work in the past few weeks to get it on the road, as well as a lot of preventative work, Mainly on the engine it's had new glow plugs and relays to solve a P0380 code, Wiring repairs to fix P0340 codes (Cam sensor not present and crank sensor implausible is what it said, replaced both sensors and the cam sensor connector), replaced all the vacuum lines as they were perished and one of them slipped off whilst driving which led to a very embarrassing tow home, full service including timing belt, new battery, All sorts. Now it's developed a really fun new problem
When i want to start it i need to flip the key back and forth a good 5 times before it starts. It fires every attempt but seems to die just before it can get going properly. Once running it doesn't miss a beat, fast as hell, got all the power so it's not in a limp mode, it just doesn't like to start. Makes no difference whether hot or cold.
I've checked with my delphi scanner and it's building fuel pressure at the rail, Hits 200Bar whilst cranking., Engine RPM and camshaft RPM both also look good (Camshaft RPM is half of engine RPM reported on my delphi scanner but the gearing on the timing pulleys makes me think that's normal. If i spray a bit of brake cleaner into the intake it helps it just enough to bark into life so I'm thinking fuel related but no idea what could be wrong. Manually running the lift pump to try and purge air out the system doesn't help at all.
Quite keen on sorting this as I've absolutely fallen in love with this car. fast, refined, absolutely vast inside.
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