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I purchased my 4th SAAB, first 9-3, as a 6 month old SAAB GB car.

It is on a 54 plate and has had full dealer servicing by the SAAB franchise I bought it from in Aberdeen.

Had a rash of rust pimples done on the lower section of all four door 18 months ago under warranty after much agro.

The problems have progressed now that all panels bar the roof, and obviously the bonnet, are now peppered with the same rust spots. Dealer had it inspected by local body shop, not shown report. SAAB have rejected the claim without even sending an inspector to view the car on the basis it is wear and tear.

In a call today with the dealer the principal refused to view the car himself, last time I spend £100k on four cars in Aberdeen. The office goffer fielding the call trotted out all the usual excuse including "the car is over 3 years old", so much for a 10yr warranty on paint!

In previous visits the workshop manager indicated the car was in an very poor condition for it's age and urged me not to give up on the case.

Anyone got any similar experience with the 9-3? Having had a couple of 9-5's and a 900 I have to say build quality definitely Vauxhall. Any pointer as to an independent inspection service would be welcome; not Kinghorn body shop in Aberdeen though, they did the repair 18 months ago and the laquer is now blistering.
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