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Dear Saab gurus - I need your help please...

I have a 2007, Saab 9-3 Aero (convertible) which I purchased approx 3 months ago. Until this week there was no problem with the CD or the radio but in the last week all the radio stations have dropped off and although the radio appears to be still working it is unable to find or lock on to any stations (either FM or AM). There is simply no reception. As the CD player still operates OK, I assumed this was simply an aerial issue - however after conducting some basic on line research it appears that the aerial is linked to the head unit through an amplifier in the boot (?) which I assume is designed to boost whatever signal is received through the aerial ?- With this limited knowledge I looked to change the fuse to the amplifier in (which I think is a 7.5 amp type - fuse 20?) however this fuse actually appears OK so I guess Im barking up the wrong tree !!

Can anyone help please - any (helpful!) suggestions gratefully received!! (I should perhaps add that I cant see any obvious loose wires anywhere though I guess there could be a hidden connection which has come apart - if only I knew where!)

Many thanks in anticipation of your help.

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