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Hey Everyone. So I just found out I've got a CEL code P0455, which I found out is a large evap leak. I wanted to make sure I've got the parts of the system down and get everyone's opinions on what the best way to find the leak is.

So as far as the parts of the system, from what I understand is the fuel cap closing at the entry, the line to the gas tank, from the gas tank to the charcoal canister/purge valve on the underside near the gas tank, and then the lines to the fuel injectors on the engine. Is that the basics of the system or am I missing anything? From what I've found, it doesn't look like there's any "vent valve/solenoid", only the purge valve/solenoid right?

For what i've been thinking about where the leak is from, I think i'm going to
  1. Get a new gas cap to replace that first.
  2. What I really think it might be is the hose at the end of the fuel filler line connecting to the fuel tank, because the clamp that seals it was rusted apart last time I was working around that area. I took it off and haven't replaced it yet, but bought the replacement just in case.
  3. Maybe the purge valve needs to be replaced, as I know valves/solenoids are easy points of failure
  4. Smoke test the different "regions" of the system to see if there's another spot it might be coming out of that I didn't notice before
Anybody have any other suggestions procedures to try or possible check points?
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