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Which adapter I need for the caliper rewind tool for a Saab 93 sport 2005 1.8cc?
I have seen this question regularly on the net and NOW HAVE THE SOLUTION. To solve the problem I bought the Saab special tool when I bought the car, but it only has a large plastic knob, not hex end (for sockets) or T-bar. When I had to do the job I could not get enough pressure to turn the piston. I then began the search again.
It is made by Neilsen model CT3234.It cost ONLY £12.99. It has a T-bar and also a Hex head so you can use a socket on it (19mm). It has a 3/8" drive head which fits into 3 adaptors (the smallest of which is used - it has pins c 20mm apart) that come with it plus a spacer piece to slot over the main unit and keep it within the calliper.
You will have to note 2 things. Firstly you must file the outer edges of the pins as the distance between the outer face of the pins is a little too wide. Only a very small amount of filing is involved and it is easy to do in a vice. Secondly , when the tool is inserted into the calliper, the spacer piece must be inserted from the open side of the calliper, not hung over the tool before it is inserted into the calliper - you must do this so you can lever it off to extract the tool when the piston has been wound in.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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