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When everyone plays Madden series games, they have some bad habits. Madden 23 is not an exception to this rule, and if players don't receive any warning, they'll be making huge mistakes without ever knowing it. There is not a single one that can play a perfect game. But remember that you need to minimize your errors to get the best result, so try avoiding them as much as possible. Here are some of the most common Madden 23 gameplay mistakes that even top-tier players make; this list can be just a handy reminder of what to fix.

Having Only One Career

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Face of the Franchise is a great place to start. It offers five positions: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, and Cornerback. But gamers will make an incredible linebacker and then decide they'd like to try to play quarterback for a little bit. In fact, players should have at least one of every potential position in Face of the Franchise to max out all their attributes.

Running Into The Ball Carrier
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Although there have been multiple ways to tackle for the last several years, the best and safest way was to just run into the ball carrier. Now, alternative tackle moves are back. The hit stick feels better than ever, and offensive players with the ball can be stripped of the ball in the middle of their animations. The action doesn't end at impact; try driving the player back or swiping at the ball on impact.

Controlling One Player On Defense
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You to lock and control one single player in the game. This allows you to let go of the entire team and play just as one specific player in the game. But the most glaring issue is that by controlling one player on defense, opponents will just avoid that area. On the line, smart gamers will call over an extra blocker against the player and neutralize even the best defensive linemen before y damage.

Can't Tell The Currency In The Game
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Despite several simplifications, players are tasked with managing Points, Experience, Rep, Creds, and Coins in Madden 23. Players may think they are doing something to advance their legacy but actually earn currency spent on a mode they don't play. Try to find out which currencies matter to the preferred mode before getting too invested, such as
madden 23 coins are the most important currency in the Ultimate Team mode that can buy packs, players, and items.

Keep It As It Is
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The first place beginners should start when learning about the game is the settings. Everything from difficulty to length of the game is here, along with a few sliders to customize the experience. These settings are purely for player enjoyment, so change them without guilt. For example, players can get injured as NFL athletes often do, yet this can be avoided or reduced here.

Only Focusing On OVR
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There will always be excitement over playing with one of the highest-rated players in Madden 23. But a high OVR defender might have a bad tackle rating, or a low OVR player might have otherworldly passing abilities. Ultimately, these make a bigger difference throughout the game. So you should also focus on each player's statistics that puts them in a league above the others.

Be Predictable
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Many players like to play the game in one way and hope for better luck next time. This is unnecessary. Those who want to succeed will have to mix running and passing. On defense, a mix of zone and man will be required. Opponents who recognize the play early on either side will be able to blow it up, regardless of the talent gap.

These are seven mistakes players often make in Madden 23. If you can avoid these, you will get a better game experience and have a great chance to become a champion.
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