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Finally got it insured atnd taxed...drove upto edinburgh (long story why)...and the smoke from the turbo has pretty much stopped.
It still smokes briefly on startup, but then not when accelerating. Performance isnt as good as I remember......but needsa general overhaul.
Its good to have it back, although I still need to do lots...changed oil etc/plugs before I took it off road, but will do again this weekend. I have a problem with condensation inside windows and instruments when left after running. The electrical problem is still there - initially turns over at 10v, but then stays at that until lots of revs, when goes up to between 13 and 14v...lights brighten at this point, and fan speeds up.Strange.......
Electric windows dont work....drivers and passengers to begin with - took apart to try to fix (nightmare)....put it back together and now none work!!!Ebay looms.......
It shakes rattles and rolls bad...sounds like an old fiat with 300k on the clock. I need to go round every bit of the dash and tighten up and put foam around bits etc etc....
But...its good to be Saabing again...
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