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 In the absence of Saab venturing into the 4x4, Sports Utility Vehicle market, what do you think that a great Saab fan, like myself, should drive instead?  [/b]
Ahh ha!
Us informed readers of the Sept/Oct issue of the Saab Owners Club (SOC) 'Driver' Magazine know that Saab are going to venture forth into the 4x4 market. So a Saab 9-3X should be right up your street Zaphod!

Can't get you a picture, but the following info is from the Driver..:
'An off road Saab? Such a vehicle has yet to go into production but one will come in the next few years in response to demand in N-America... As a guide to that car the 9-3X is only a hint, because the first production off roader will be a 'crossover' version of the 9-5.

Some specs for the 9-3X concept car are as follows:

2.8 V6 turbo.
280BHP, 295 lbft torque
5 speed semi auto box
245/40/20 tyres all round (as opposed to square, eh!)
l: 4.35, w: 1.826, height: 1.5 meters
0 - 62mph = 6.2 seconds
Top speed = 155mph

As I said, right up your street matey! You'll definately be spaced out and in orbit with that one!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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