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First sorry for my English. I'm desperate.

I've search a lot, and i found few thread about this, but no solution.

What's going on:

When engine is cold, everything is ok. Starts good. Runs great. Engine temperaturę rise up. Everything starts when temperaturę is 90C.
Engine start to kick down on idle (like missfiring on petrol engine) once or two, then kick is so powerfull that engine stops.
If you will drive more then 30 min. it's impossible to even start it.
It happend's only on IDLE, on higher RPM engine still runs great.
If i will pusch accel. pedal to 1000rpm. it's great, but just on idle it's horrible.

What i've just change:
- fuel pump
- fuel solenoid
- crank sensor

It seems like it have something to do with temperature.

When we plug in Tech2 it doesn't show any fault's.
Only thing that we saw its higher fuel pressure when it's kicking.

I don't have any ideas. :(

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Wrong Forum pls re-post

This forum is for the NG 9-5 2010 on.

You'll likely have a much better response if you move this to the correct forum.

Good luck with it.

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