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Our T-shirt provider, Spreadshirt, is having a back-to-school sale and it doesn’t matter whether you’re at school or not - everyone gets the discount!

The discount applies at the US shop only, but I’m pretty sure anyone can order from the US shop so don’t let your location put you off. The discount does not apply to postage.

Jeremy recently sent me a shot of his shirt, which he created with our TS Custom Shop designs in the Do It Yourself version of the shop. In the DIY shop, you can mix and match whatever shirt and design you like. You can even add your own customised text.

Here’s Jeremy’s shirt.

As you can see, you can add designs to the front, back and either sleeve (at a price, of course).

The most recent TS logo is now at the store as well, and there’s Ivan’s full range of Saab designs, too. Spreadshirt have a huge range of shirts to choose from, for both men and women.

If you want to get the 25% discount, you need to order 2 or more items. The discount offer runs to August 25th.

When you go through the checkout, you need to add either of the following codes:

<blockquote>US code: SCHOOL608

Canada code: CADSCHOOL608

Note: although there’s a spearate code for Canada, international visitors should be able to use the US code. I used it around 2 months ago to order my latest polo shirt and it worked fine. Just check it’s applied the discount before you pay for it.

These shirts from Spreadshirt are fantastic quality and you’ll wear yourself out long before you wear the design out.

Click here to visit the pre-loaded shop with garments we’ve put together for you.

Click here to visit the DIY shop and design your own shirt from using their shirts and our designs (recommended).

A tip for new players: several designs are multi-colored. You can select and change any of the colors in the design to make look as you wish. If you make them all the one color (as in the TS design above) then it’ll be a lot cheaper. If you have multiple colors (like the turbo gauge below) then it’ll be more expensive.



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