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My Saab was showing some of the classic symptoms of a power steering pump shaft seal going bad, weeping around the filler cap and brown p/s oil instead of green.
The replacement of the pump shaft seal is very easy and painless. If you can change your own engine oil, you are fully qualified to remove and replace this seal, it really is that easy. This can be done in 45 minutes or less, including flushing the power steering oil, and taking pictures between.

Gather what you will need:
- shop towels
- suction gun or brake bleeder tool (I am not fond of turkey basters)
- small flat-head screwdriver
- small funnel
- container for emptying used p/s oil
- 13mm socket
- short extension (3”)
- ratchet
- torque wrench
- new shaft seal (Saab #12807425)
- power steering oil (Saab / GM 10953471 or Pensotin CHF202). Need minimum of 1L, but I used about 1.5L to properly flush. Don't be cheap and substitute, get the real oil!
- socket with 27mm or 28mm outside diameter for pushing in shaft seal

Drain out the p/s oil
Shown using a brake bleeder tool. Works well, but a suction gun would be far faster. The reservoir does not hold very much so suction gun will take it all in one shot.
Picture 001.jpg

Remove the p/s pump bolts. I removed bottom first as it's a wee bit more difficult. Make sure you catch the bolt.
Picture 002.jpg

Pull the electrical connector from the sensor and pull the pump away from the engine. Clean up any oil that may be pooled where the pump mounts.
Picture 004.jpg

Remove the old seal. You can pry it out with a small screwdriver, making sure you don’t scratch the pump shaft. Don't be rammy here or you will damage something you don't want too.
Picture 005.jpg

Install the new seal (flat face of seal goes out, lips of seal toward the pump). This is the fun part, the seal can be pushed most of the way in with your fingers, then use a socket to push it home. Nothing special to it. You'll know it is seated when it no longer moves by hand, and the outer face is slightly recessed into the pump.
Picture 006.jpg
Picture 007.jpg

Re-install pump. I like putting bolts back in with a dab of never-seize. Torque to 16 ft. lbs.
Picture 008.jpg

Fill to p/s dipstick marks, run engine,turn wheel lock to lock, engine off, drain p/s, repeat. This took me about four or five fill-&-drains before I had green fluid in the reservoir.
Picture 009.jpg

Clean up the outside of the reservoir,go for a drive and enjoy a job well done!
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