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2008 ( facelift) which after market fitting kit required ?

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Hello everyone,
I'm after a bit of advice , I've got a 2008 ( facelift) 9-3 with the infotainment 150 head unit with the factory amp in the boot ( behind left hand flap )
Now I've got a Kenwood aftermarket head unit to fit , but just want to know what fitting kit I would require . There seems to be a couple of options and it's got me a bit confused. So option 1 is this
Or option 2 is this
Just want some advice if I can
Many thanks in advance
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To confuse you even more I have fitted aftermarket units to two 9-3's a 2007 TID Vert and a 2009 TID Linear SE Wagon.The Vector has the amp for sure original hu was a 6 changer....didnt check on the wagon (its 7 speaker though)although original hu single shot CD
Initially I thought I needed the amp bypass (present in both your links) but subsequently found they made no difference(defo needed for the 9-5 btw).
Long story short...fitted the amp by pass on the Vector then bought a 9-5 Aero which I robbed the adapter from the 9-3 to fit a stereo...tried the Vector without it and it worked just fine!
There is not a lot of room for any kind of cage especially if you are fitting a double din unit so my first recommendation would be front fascia only.
I fitted both with standard ISO adapters from Chevrolet (same spec) for a few pounds,steering wheel controls of your choice with patch lead (Connects2/Incartec), bear in mind you only get basic functionality,fakra iso adapter for the aerial etc for a couple of quid.
I'm sure either of the kits listed will do the job........but you can probably do it cheaper.
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Thank you both for your helpful replies . I contacted Dynamic sounds and they said that the second one in my 2 links is the one I require , , then I remember that c2kev changed your head unit for an aftermarket head unit , and used a fitting kit from the same people , and thank you for putting that link up .
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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