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2007 saab 93 convertible cylinder 4 misfire , multiple misfire and undefined p1312

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I have a 2007 saab 93 convertible 2.0t engine code b703e , my problems are the car has a very irratic idle and judders and has fault codes p0304,p0300,p1312 codes all coming up , injectors have been swapped and tested , same with coils, has new ngk platinum plugs and I have run out of ideas to try !! Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
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welcoem to SS...1st off no such engine code,the 4 pot is B207...P0300 random misfire,P0304 cyl4 misfire,P1312 ionization module code(also caused by failing coils)...when you swapped over the coils did the P0304 code stay where is was or did it move to a different cyl..
Yeah the code has always stayed on cylinder 4 , tried swapping coil about then swapped injector about and all still came back up with exact same codes , sorry for my nievety not too sure about all the mechanical stuff lol
you might want to take a read of this thread,problems with the intake valves... , this is mainly a US based site...
swap the plugs too, see it it moves with the plug
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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