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For the last month or so my automatic gearbox Dame Edna 2007 Aero increasingly won't crank, with it sometimes taking 10-15 mins to get going, especially when the weather is cold.

I replaced the battery with an especially large one but that didn't make any difference.

When I turn the ignition to start often nothing happens, except a relay clicking somewhere behind the right hand side of the dash each time, makes me think the ignition switch is OK.

I don't think it's a worn auto gearbox selector switch either, as rowing through the gears and re-trying makes no odds.

Sometimes it'll crank and immediately start after holding the key in the start position for a little while.

Aside, I also notice quitea loud whirring sound behind the radio, now and again, when I put the ignition switch to on, which keeps whirring for a little while despite then taking the key out.

Again if the weather is mild it'll nearly always cranks and starts immediately.

Note the start up check always proceeds as normal with no engine light etc. I also replaced the direct ignition pack about a year ago with an after-market item, in case that makes any odds.

Any ideas please, as it's a bit of a puzzle currently?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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