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Hi Guys,
The roof, has been until now one of the few things on my Saab that hasnt gone wrong or needed replacement... Until about a week ago :(

If I try to put the roof down, it will do most of the cycle, right upto where the roof is sitting in its folded position and the rear cover is suppose to come back over and lock into place. At this stage, (most of the time) this is where it gives up and says the old 'Manual oporation only', occasionally I can coax it into compleating the open cycle but then I have all kinds of electrical gremlins start to happen.
  • Information asks for the cycle to be complete even though it has, locked in place and dropped the windows it Ive held the button for the roof long enough
  • When putting the windows up, they judder and go up in steps (kinda like a temporary loss of electric to the window motors)
  • The heating / aircon changes it setting speed and aircon light flicks between on and off randomly
  • Outside temp reading on the dash was about 15 degrees higher than it was, fell to correct reading when moving.
  • Constantly complains about compleating the opening cycle before driving (even though it has).
When I finally get the roof back up and locked into position (sometimes under its own power, sometimes I have to do it manually), these electrical faults do not appear and the car functions as it should.

I have checked the battery, the relivent fuses, the hydrualic level in the boot, wiring in the boot for the roof as best I can, lubricated everything and nothing has changed. I'm assuming its an electrical issue somewhere as mechanically everything works as it should (sometimes). I was wondering if it could be water ingress into some connection or a faulty sensor giving me grief ?

Any ideas ?
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