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Hi everyone, just introduced myself in that thread, and coming here hopefully for some help. Just picked up 9-3 with 95k miles, but it needs some love.

The good things about the car: Its in (so far as I can tell) GREAT mechanical shape. Minimal rust on anything, had it up on a lift before I bought it to make sure of that. Looks like the turbo, or at least the piping has been replaced recently. No leaks, no drips. It performs wonderfully, the 5 speed is really smooth, all in all REALLY enjoy the ride.

The project things about the car:

Its a Saab. Its got electronic gremlins that I'll need to snuff out. First off, the door locks. I've seen some other posts on here about them, and I hope they're right! I just cant lock my doors without the key blade. I can't use the fob or the door locks button inside to lock the doors. I've seen on here possibly the drivers door actuator, and I've heard that you need a tech 2 to change that out. I'm all for buying a tech 2, but it will take some time to get here, and I'll still have no idea how to use it. I'm wondering if anyone has one they'd be willing to help me with in the Denver Metro area, or even to explain how I would install a door lock using it.

Next is the radio. I replaced a fuse last night and got the screen to come back on, but it seems that the radio is still not coming on. From what I've read, its the fiber optics in it, and I'd rather not do a bypass if I can get an amp that does work. Is that the solution or would the whole wiring harness need replaced?

If anyone has any help, I'd appreciate it! I love this little car already. Its going to be a project/commuter so that my truck gets to sit a little more. I'm happy to throw some cash to anyone who can help with the tech 2, or a case of beer or however you'd like to be compensated!

Thanks again everyone!
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