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Having just replaced the front bow locking actuator hydraulic ram I would welcome any tips on effective bleeding of the hydraulic system?

The disaster that I had experienced:

Having just finished on a volunteer 'mission' last Friday I was about to drive home.

It was such a wonderful day I decided to lower the soft-top of the car to enjoy the few minutes of "Covid-19 lockdown" freedom left. Pressed the button in eager anticipation of a pleasant drive soaking up valuable Vitamin D, the machinery whirred into action and the roof started to open.

I must have been daydreaming because I suddenly became aware of a very warm sensation in my nether regions...!

(No! It wasn't what you might be thinking!!!!)

The hydraulic system that operates the roof had developed a leak, and the source of the leak was right above me in the driver's seat and it dumped its oil straight into my lap!!!!!

I immediately leapt out the the car to be confronted by two ladies on their daily walk in the country lane. I just stood there looking extremely embarrassed and speechless with a large steaming (warm oil) stain in my lap!

I must be thankful for the diplomatic way they appeared not to notice, until they were a few paces past and then they could not contain their laughter any longer!
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