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Hey guys,

I am hoping you can tell me if I can replace the thermostat without replacing the entire thermostat housing???

I will replace the coolant temperature sensor (the one with a blue plug thats next to the thermostat housing but is actually mounted to the engine block) but thinking of also replacing the thermostat.
OR can I just replace the coolant temperature sensor thats screwed into the top of housing and ensure smooth operation...

Replacing the entire housing is kinda a lot of money compared to just a thermostat.

any advice and recommended retailers greatly appreciated.

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Re: Thermostat replacement with or w/out housing

thanks for the confirmation lostkiwi, I was looking through wis earlier and saw no mention of it

Gerd mate price up at your local factors as well

imo guess it could be done only issue and happens in most cases it will leak

anyway of to Bristol to catch my plane, hope you have a good trip to and don't worry all will be ok :)
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