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This is my wife's car and I don't get to drive it often, however, when I do there always seem to be a few "issues" that crop up, when questioned she often says things like "yeah, I though that was strange, it's been like that for ages", or "isn't it supposed to do that?" or "I never use that" (thankfully that last one relates to the cruise control rather than the brakes or rear view mirror

OK to the issues.

The alarm no longer chirps when pressing either key to deadlock the car - it has worked on both keys for several years and was working on the weekend but stopped yesterday.

There are also other issues, might be related, might not.
- She tells me that sometimes she will be unable to open the doors after pulling up and switching off the engine, this seems to have happened a few times when the roof is down. She parks, goes to open the door and it appears locked but the locking button on the door is up. Locking and unlocking using the remote on the key has no effect and she's had to open the door from the outside. The car then behaves normally - I've never experienced this and it's never happened whilst I'm around so I only have her recollection to go by.
- Cruise has stopped working, the dash shows it's on but it won't set.
- Alarm issue - doors will lock OK and then deadlock OK but there's no chirp / beep when deadlocking.

The only recent work on the car was a new clutch master cylinder a few months ago, this may have upset the pedal switches (which I understand are sensitive) but I've yet to go check.

Does the collective wisdom of the forum have any ideas please?


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