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My 2000 Viggen has been sorned for 4 years now but have at last got back round to her to finish the wee niggles and get her back on the road again.
At the time the oil cooler and power steering pipes were removed to be changed. Power steering ones are now done (getting that second one off takes a bit of working out) And now on to the oil cooler pipes.
I remember taking them off and meticulously writing little tags on them so I knew exactly where they reattached. This was when I expected I’d get back to them within the next week or so! Now, however, having lain in the garage for 4 years, my carefully written placement tags are totally unreadable (combination of swallow **** and mouse feasting)
So, can anyone please shed some light on which pipe goes where? Going by shape alone I think I have the ends into the cooler right but at a loss for the other end, therefore would be really grateful if someone could give me information on which one goes where before I go any further. As I said I think I have the oil cooler end right but advice on both ends would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
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