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Hi All

SAAB 9-3 2.8 V6 - 2006

I recently changed the coil on cylinder 5, which most of you probably know requires the detachment of various components in the vicinity in order to grant access to this area. While detaching the brake vacuum hose connector from the intake manifold I found the retaining/locking clip to be in a terrible state and was not able to separate the hose connector from the spigot without gouging the retaining clip out from the connector with a screwdriver, destroying it in the process.

This appears to be the part number for the hose assembly, inclusive of check valve: 12847287. Price seems to be in the region of £35.

Now, I’m not particularly tight, it’s only £35, but it seems a shame to pay out for this if I am able to get hold of a new retaining clip. Can anyone advise if this will be possible please? Currently, I have bodged a temporary fix by wiring the hose connector to a nearby bracket on the intake manifold with 2.5mm² copper wire!

Any thoughts gratefully received.
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