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A couple of months ago I replaced the multi-rib belt along with all the idler and tensioner bits so I was more than a bit surprised last week that when maneuvering the car whilst parking the steering suddenly went heavy and the alternator light came on. A quick look under the bonnet confirmed that the belt had come off.
Fortune was with me that day though because it happened right outside a friends workshop so I was able to borrow the tools to put it back on again.
The question was why had it come off?
A good look at the pulleys showed that the water pump pulley could be rocked by about 1/4" at the rim. This had obviously allowed the belt to ride up and pop off, probably helped with the additional load from the power steering when parking. Yet I'd had no previous indication that the pump was on it's way out. No loss of coolant, no horrible noises. It must have been showing some wear when I changed the belt but I hadn't noticed, I'll be more carefull about that in future.
A call to German & Swedish had me a new pump by 9.00 am the next morning which I had fitted by lunchtime. Only bugger was the pipe from the pump to the turbo, there was no way I could get a socket or a spanner on the banjo bolt to undo it. I ended up unbolting the front pipe from the turbo and then it was a breeze. This is my 4th 9000 but the first time I've had to change a water pump.
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